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The Ferris Wheel Rock Show

Jul 15, 2020

Come Together: What started as a political campaign song for acid guru Timothy Leary has become one of the Beatles most influential and covered songs. What is it about Come Together? Isn't it just gibberish? Dr. Clarke leads his mates down a dark, subterranean path of discovery. What they haul back from the caves will...

Jul 3, 2020

Aussie Rock - How to Listen Up When Down Under: Steven Wheeler endured a 21-hour flight to Australia only to realize he could've developed the podcast within the sanctuary of his beach-side Malibu fun house. Such is life. Discover how Vegemite sandwiches created a national fervor for rock 'roll, or not.

Jun 19, 2020

Join Kennedy in his high flying rant on The Barenaked Ladies, Journey, Supertramp, & Van Halen.  These are topics that are close and dear to his heart. Then he flies off the handle... Here we go!!!

Jun 9, 2020

From writing silly love songs to wearing inappropriate haircuts (See 'mullets'), this energetic ex-Beatle has somehow held the world's attention for almost sixty years. Dr. Ian Clarke explores the dark chasms of McCartney's mind, surfacing with evidence of both detritus and patchouli-soaked genius. Change your life...

May 27, 2020

Achieving stardom in the entertainment niche known as rock n' roll can be a life-threatening adventure. Generally, rock musicians are not renowned for longevity. In this podcast, Medicated Wheeler rips off more coffin lids than a Hammer horror, looking for the real story behind the fake news. Not for the squeamish.