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The Ferris Wheel Classic Rock Show

Dec 27, 2018

Song Titles in the 27 club episode.

1. Dust in The Wind - Kansas

2. Anybody Listening? - Adam Lambert

3. See You, When You Get There - Coolio


In this episode, the trio talk about the 27 club, Dr. Clarke as researched and studied this chapter in music history on why certain artists never make it passed the age of 27....

Dec 4, 2018

Kennedy, Wheeler, & Clarke go down a modified list of the 100 greatest songs of all time, with some modifications done by the Trio, they always tend to go down that crazy road of Rock Talk.Of Course Kennedy goes off on anther planet, while Clarke is just as wild as Kennedy, Wheeler saves the day and brings them back...

Nov 4, 2018

The Much anticipated show of Season 3, and why not.... The guys reveal their own Super Groups of who they feel would be in their Ultimate Super Group, whether they were living legends or Legends in the making, and of course legends that are still going, this show will solidify the true meaning of the Ferris Wheel Show.

Oct 22, 2018

Season 2 has been rolling in smoothly, now that Dr. Ian Clarke is an official member of the team, our duo has now become a permanent trio.  The loose cannon Kennedy now has a Dr. by the name of Clarke to engage in his craziness, and Wheeler is always the voice of reason, basically from here on end Steven Wheeler is now...

Sep 28, 2018

The second season has come into full effect, with our 3rd and permanent resident, the Good Doctor, Dr. Ian Clarke has joined the Ferris Wheel Show.  The second show brings up all the music genres we all love.  Have a listen and fall in love with the 3 Amigos of Music Knowledge get you talking at the water cooler...