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The Ferris Wheel Serious Rock Talk Podcast

Jun 17, 2022

Top 100 Classic Rock Artists - NOT! - Some lists are pretty good. Others induce gas pains The three amigos attack this list with a gusto usually seen only in crazed hyenas. Listen in.

Jun 6, 2022

Why Elvis Never Left the Building. Dr. Clarke, empowered by a Himalayan vacation, stands calmly before The King, deciphering many facets of fame, talent, and jumpsuits. Elvis is Alive - and we have proof.


May 27, 2022

The Golden Era of Hip Hop & Rap. Every art form has a 'golden era' and /hip hop/rap is no exception. Ferris Kennedy risks his reputation & sanity by cliff diving into a dangerous sea. He emerges with fresh opinions and special, personal insights.

May 9, 2022

The Doors & the Five Factors that Made Them Famous. Unless a band can conquer the Five Factors, it'll likely never have lasting success. Using The Doors as a great example of what happens when musicians hit 5 home runs, Dr. Clarke entertains, educates, and gets to jabber about his beloved Lizard King &...

Apr 22, 2022

New Wave music: What is it? Where did it come from? What killed it off? Steven Wheeler exhibits unexplored courage and tenacity as he prowls the bowels of CBGBs, shaking down ghosts for explanations, finally passing out in the long-gone Max's Kansas City, listen in...