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Serious Rock Talk Podcast

May 29, 2024

It's been said the best rock & roll is played on a stolen guitar. Not that we support theft, but we do support youthful exuberance, those who regard the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a mausoleum and would use a Grammy award as a doorstop. They know what garage rock is all about. Listen in as we discuss the mother lode...

May 20, 2024

Best Hard Rock Albums Since 1970
Dr. Clarke isn't a big fan of lists, but even he thought this one worth exploring. Check out the best hard rock album every year beginning in 1970. Plenty of room for debate, praise and rage.

May 10, 2024

Grunge: What is It & Where Did It Go?
Grunge music never had a bigger fan than Ferris Kennedy. Listen in for a roller coaster ride through this brief but influential genre, taking a deep dive into Pearl Jam and making salient points again and again. This is special.

Apr 24, 2024

Outstanding Hosers of Canadian Rock. Now is the time to have some fun. Sit back, listen, and smile  knowingly as we do the heavy lifting, exposing the mullet-driven influence of hoser-ism throughout Canadian rock music.

Apr 13, 2024

On one side you have Charles Manson, perpetuator of a series of horrific murders that shocked America. On the other, the Beach Boys, squeaky-clean California guys that sang about surfing. In 1968, these two forces met—and the outcome was definitely Bad Vibrations. Join Dr. Clarke as he ventures down the foggy ruins...